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*26/10 Our 10year anniversary together with GADGET, NIX, Marlow and Ljustörst, Umeå 

*24/5 Together with Rats Will Feast, Sociasylum, Umeå


*1/12 Together with CENTINEX, Umeå

*30/9 The Grindcore Family 10th Anniversary Weekend, Copenhagen, Denmark

*29/9 Together with Spøgelse, Bad Jesus Experience and Ydinaseeton Pohjola, GruvPunX, Falun

*22/6 Together with Haradrim, Abnocrious and Nameless Messenger, Umeå

*14/1 Together with MASSGRAV, Karykatyr, NIX and Nedslagsplats, Umeå


*22/10 at Verkets Medlemsfest, Umeå  

*1/4 Together with Hexis and Suffer Yourself, Umeå

*19/3 Together with Aftermath and Karykatyr, Umeå


*1-2/10 The Grindcore Family Weekend 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark (postponed to 2023) 

*29/5 GLOBAL GRINDCORE ALLIANCE VOL 2.0, Livestream (click the link 4 YouTube)


*5/12 Together Paranoid and YDSM, Burträsk  (Canceled due to covid19)

*6/6 Umeå Hardcore TV Party 2020Livestream (click the link 4 YouTube)

*27/3 Together with Gluttony, Dråp and Suppressed, Umeå (Canceled due to covid19)


*25/5 Discouraged Label Night, Umeå

*19/1 Together with Wormlight and Suppressed, Umeå


*11/11 Together with GADGET, Barren Womb and Goat Burner, Bildahuset, Gävle

*10/11 Together with Lonely Grave and General Genocide, Death Kills, Stockholm

*9/11 Together with Lonely Grave, Hillstreet1, Lindesberg

*8/11 Together with Lonely Grave and AKRASIA, Vaterland, Oslo, Norway

*13/4 Together with Moloken, Sliperiet, Örnsköldsvik 



*6-7/10 The Grindcore Family Weekend Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark 

*Southeast Asian Tour*

*29/7 Highway 826 Resto Bar, Pampanga, Philippines*

*28/7 Dark side Bar Malate, Manila, Philippines*

*26/7 Noiseroom Ramanda, Depok, Indonesia*

*22/7 The Rockin Jammz 152-02, Johor, Malaysia*
*21/7 SICKxFASTxRAW_Party1!, Bangkok, Thailand*

*1/7 Together with GADGET, Primitive Man, Wormlight and Vansinne, Umeå

*3/3 House Of Metal Festival, Official release gig for our EP 'Human Collapse Syndrome', Umeå



*25/3 Together with MISANTROPIC,LESRA,SCUM CRUSADE and many more, Umeå

*22/1 Together with Murdering Murders & Festering Remains, Death Kills, Stockholm

*16/1 Together with Festering Remains and Mesolimbic, Umeå

*5/7 Together with Rövsvett and Paranoid, Umeå
*23/5 Our release fest for 'Umeå Grindcore', Umeå
*11/4 Secret partygig, Umeå


*6/12 Together with Anger Burning, Perkulator, Trots and Utbrott, Umeå
*3/10 Together with Svin and Distraktion, Umeå
*12/9 Together with In The Hearts Of Emperors and Fru Dörr, Umeå




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