…from the north Sweden that started in 2014 by Frongo, Andreas and Wilke.
In the beginning, the goal was to annoy Umeå-hardcore-elite but it didn't take long until the band found a more refined sound.
In 2015 they got signed by Discouraged Records and played a number of show's including a performance at OEF 2016, later that year Wilke left the band.


When GRID turned into a duo the sound and the lyric's evolved to a more "melodic" kind of grindcore with misanthropical lyrics, faster D-Beats and harder blast beat's.

GRID also did a Asia-tour in 2017

In 2018 after a short nordic tour GRID turned into a 3-piece again when Kaka decided to join the band.

In 2020 GRID got signed by SELFMADEGOD Rec.  

Fredrik "Frongo" Larsson

Andreas Bäckström

Andreas "Kaka" Gren


Former members:

Fredrik "Wilke" Wilcek



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Livsleda (2020 CD, Stream, Download)

Grind Down The Capital (live) (2019 Stream, Download)

Human Collapse Syndrome (2017 CD, Stream, Download)

Umeå Grindcore (2015 Vinyl, CD, Stream, Download)

GRID (2015 Cassette)

Demo (2014 Download)


Appears on:

The Northern Conspiracy Vol.2 (2016 Download)

Turist i tillvaron Vol.9 (2016 Vinyl)

Brutal Basarabia Vol.3 (2015 Download)

Noisecore Channel Comp. Vol.5 (2015 Download)







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