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New shows booked!


Some new show's booked!


We had a blast at Verkets Medlemsfest in Umeå And we Have a new show booked together with MASSGRAV 14/01/23

There is still some limited T-shirts left!


New Show in Umeå booked in Umeå 1/4!


New Show in Umeå booked with Aftermath and Karykatur 19/03!



This weekend we're playing on the Global Grindcore Alliance 2.0 Festival!

Make shure to get a ticket here -> GGA2.0



Here are some good and sad news.

The good news is that our new record 'Livsleda' is released!

You can find links in the video description here:

The sad news is that Covid does not seem to let go of the world yet, therefore the show in Denmark is

postponed to next year.

-Stay safe and enjoy our new record!


We have signed with SELFMADEGOD records. and we will release a new album called 'Livsleda' and it will be released in September!

-Just so you know!


We will join a Livestream-Festival called Umeå Hardcore TV Party the 6th of june!

More info will appear on



It's been almost a year since our last live performance due to pandemics, injuries, recording and rearrange of the band...  
-Luckily it was recorded!
Almost a month before the show all the instruments was recorded to our upcoming album 'Livsleda' and after the show Frongo's knee gave up!
So now days Kaka is the drummer of GRID and Frongo plays the bass.

We are looking forward to release our new record and start playing live again!

Be safe.


Hello! Long time no see.

We have been taking it slow for a while. But we're not dead.

We will do a show i Umeå in March and hopefully we will release a new song before the gig! 


We will play at 'Discouraged Label Night' with all of the other bands on the label in Umeå 25/5


Here it is! Our Live EP from the show at DEATH KILLS in STHLM!


Were starting 2019 with a Show, January the 19th, in Umeå at Stallet together with Wormlight and Suppressed!


After our small nordic tour with Lonely Grave we're happy to announce that we have a new bass player!

Welcome home Andreas ' Kaka' Gren!

Hopefully we'll start with a new recording session soon.


In November We'll do a small weekend-tour with our friends in Lonely Grave!

The dates is 8-9-10/11 and We're coming to Oslo, Örebro and Stockholm!

Updated info will come in the 'SHOWS' section soon!


We'll do a show in Örnsköldsvik with our friends in Moloken this Friday! 

Hope to se some new faces!



It has been a while since we last came up with some news.

We are in full swing making songs to a new recording! 

With that said, we will not do a Asia-tour in 2018, but we will spend time on songwriting and perhaps do a few gigs in Sweden and Scandinavia. 

We will move the plans for a Asia-tour to 2019 when we have a new recording for you!

So this year will be dedicated to make a new recording.

Stay tuned!


We have booked some new shows! Find info under 'SHOWS'


The info for our Southeast-Asian tour has been updated with some venues and some changed dates!


We had a great time at our release show at HoM17! Thank you all for comming!

Now we have our new EP for sale. Just contact us and we'll figure out the shipping.

We have also anouced our comming Asian tour in July! 


Here is our new video!




Lot's of stuff happening right now! We are booked to House Of Metal Festival in Umeå and the show will also be our official release show for our comming EP 'Human Collapse Syndrome'. We have also got our self's a YouTube account (gridgrindcore) and there you will find a teaser for our comming video! 

This is a link to the teaser:



Holy crap! We have some super exciting news to share with you in the near future! Both in Sweden and internationally...



Hello friends and enemies!
Here is a bunch of news, happy and sad.
They good news is that we're completely finished with our upcoming EP "Human Collapse Syndrome" which will be released early 2017. We have also made a music video and taken new band pictures and that lead's us to the sad news. Wilke decided to leave the band a couple of months ago. Grid will remain but without Wilke. 
Here is his farewell:
"-I have decided to leave the band but with no hard feelings. We're still friends. I am very proud of the Umeå Grindcore-EP and I wish Grid much of luck. Its time to me to crawl back to the d-beat raw punk-ditch. /// Wilke"

Thanx for all the good times Wilke and stay tuned for more news!



We would like to thank Curby, everyone who worked at Obscene Extreme Festival, all the bands and all of our new friends for a wonderful experience!
Thanks to everyone who saw us, shared a few drinks with us and bought our music.
We Hope to see you all again!



As promised!

This is one of the eight songs that will be on our upcoming EP.




It's only three weeks left until OEF breaks loose!
We are so excited! Sadly, we will not get our new ep in physical format in time for the festival but we will be releasing one or two songs before we leave Sweden!



Soo coming weekend we enter the studio to record our new ep! 

We plan to record eight new songs, sweat and drink some beer's!



We had a Blast at the mini-festival i Umeå last friday! A big thank you to all the bands and all the visitors!

A new recording are beeing planed and we still what to come and play in your town! Just send an email and we'll tahe it from there.




So we are at full speed to try to book gigs for our jurney to and from OEF . Do you want you want us to come and play in your town?  Please contact us through our email. We are at the moment looking for gigs in Denmark, Germany , the Czech Republic dates are 10-12 and 18-20 of July.




New Booking!

We have been asked to play at Last Mosh For Charlie, take two togehter with BAD NERVE, CHRONIC FATUIGE, DOGFACE, MISANTROPIC, LESRA, SCUM CRUSADE and ther are more bands comming!



So the hompage is a bit updated! We'll try to update this newspage as offen as We can, to all of you who dont hava F.B.

We had a great time in Stockholm with our friends in Festering Remains at Cooperfields and We are now in the making of new songs for a new recording! / Frongo




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